Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Weight Loss Surgery For You?

If you are here you are likely either thinking about WLS or you have already had WLS. Either way, you are in the right place.

I think most obese folks consider WLS and due to the unknown we tend to fear it. Everyone knows someone *or* knows someone that knows someone that had serious complications including possible death from WLS. WLS isn't as scary as it sounds, to be honest obesity carries more risk than the surgery itself. We tend to get used to the risks associated with obesity but surgery? Not so much. We don't worry as much about high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, joint damage, heart disease, dialysis, and all the other complications that go with obesity but the fear of surgery scares many away. This is not acceptable, surgery is safer than obesity!

You have probably tried to lose weight before, right? Are you still trying? Please tell me in detail how well you are doing with this task? Some can lose weight but they cannot keep it off. Others are unable to lose weight to begin with. This is NOT your fault! Obesity is a disease, it is not a character flaw. Recent studies coming out of Canada are showing that doctors who suggest traditional diet and exercise for weight loss in the obese are seriously under-educated about this disease and if they understood what they believe they know, they would realize the chances for our losing weight on our own are close to zero percent. Old studies show those who are obese and diet and exercise their way to a healthy BMI make a whopping total of 4% of us. New studies indicate that is 0%. I will post this study elsewhere.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, meals delivered to your home... do you know what all these have in common? They all survive on repeat business. Stop and think about how many people you know (including yourself) that have tried these? Many lose quite well. Kirstie Alley comes to mind. She did very well but as soon as she stopped the program she regained her excess weight and maybe added a few pounds on top of that. These programs survive on repeat business, people lose well, stop the program, regain, and return to do it again. Is this really productive?

WLS isn't a sin, obesity isn't a sin. It isn't a character flaw either. It is a disease. It's time we all start treating it as such. Being obese is not a horror, staying obese is a horror and especially if you have options. Where there is a will there is a way.

Typical feelings we have about ourselves is a lack of discipline, a lack of self control. A lack of self esteem is common. I will cop to them all! I just didn't have what it took to do it on my own. But then had I been diabetic I couldn't have treated that on my own without medical intervention either! We often times start hating ourselves, our lack of ability to lose weight, we don't like the way people look at us, we don't leave our homes, self loathing. It's all a part of what we go through.

Surgery does not cure everything but it sure gives all of us an opportunity to start a new life with improved self esteem.

Take a chance, get your life back!

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I'm curious what you think of the mini gastric bypass surgery as performed by Dr. Rutledge (see


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StampinCatMom said...

I have a question. When they tell you to "not drink your calories" after surgery, what EXACTLY do they mean? I keep getting different answers and it's driving me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I have so much guilt for my weight and it's really helpful to read this!!

Pam (bbearsmama on OH)